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Courtesy Pay

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Direct Deposit

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Set up direct deposit

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Fee Schedule

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, applied to your account.

ACH Related Fees
ACH NSF fee $30.00 per item
Courtesy Pay (Overdraft privilege) $35.00 per item
Stop payment on ACH $15.00 per item
ACH origination (one time transfer) set up fee* $5.00(Max. up to $5000 per transfer)
ACH origination (recurrent transfer) set up fee* FREE (Max. up to $5000 per transfer)
ACH origination (one time transfer/same day process) set up fee* $7.50(Max. up to $5000 per transfer)
ATM/ Check Card Fees
Visa ATM/Debit replacement Card $5.00
Expedited card or pin $55.00
Overnight card or pin $75.00
Withdrawals at ATMs in network (CO-OP/Alcon Facilities) FREE
Withdrawal at ATMs outside network $1.00
Inquiries at ATMs in network (CO-OP/Alcon Facilities) FREE
Transfers at ATMs in network (CO-OP/Alcon Facilities) FREE
Checking Account Related Fees
Standard Checking Minimum Balance Fee, if balance falls below $250.00 at any time during the month. (Checking account without direct deposit)
Minimum to open checking account is $25
$5.00 per month
Checking account with direct deposit FREE
NSF fee (returned Alcon EFCU draft) $30.00 per item
Stop payment on check $15.00 per item
Courtesy Pay (Overdraft privilege) $35.00 per item
Other Fees
Returned deposit Item fee $15.00
Foreign collection Item (exchange fees may also apply) $30.00
Copies of share drafts $2.00 per item
Online banking check images FREE
Notary service (Members) FREE
Notary service (Non-Members) $6.00 first signature
$1.00 each additional signature
Quick Cash Loan application fee $20.00 per application
Wire transfers
Incoming FREE
Outgoing (domestic) $15.00
Outgoing (international in US dollars) $35.00
Outgoing (International in foreign currency) $50.00
Money Orders/Checks
Cashier’s check fee $3.00 per check
CU check $1.00 per check
Visa Gift Card $3.00 per card
Overnight CU checks $25.00
Overnight Saturday CU checks $45.00
Copy of checks request via email/phone with FSR** $2.00 per copy
Copy of Credit Union checks $2.00 per copy
Copy of Cashier’s checks $5.00 per copy
Check request via online banking FREE
Check request via email/phone with MSR** $2.00
Online Services
Online Banking FREE
Online banking check copies FREE
Online banking transfers (within account or linked accounts) FREE
Bill Pay services FREE
Bill Pay next day check payment request (per payment) $19.95
Bill Pay two days check payment request (per payment) $14.95
Bill Pay NSF returned items $30.00
Bill Pay proof of payment (per request) $15.00
Bill Pay stop payment (per request) $25.00
Bill Pay service request (claims, late fees, unable to locate, pay not posted, outstanding check, archived retrieval request, etc.) $25.00 per request
Bill Pay Gift Check $2.99 per gift check
Bill Pay Donation $1.99 per donation
E-Statements FREE
Fees effective 11/01/2022. Service fees subject to change with notice. Please review this Fee Schedule in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions and Truth-in-Savings Disclosures.
*ACH origination deadline is 2 pm CST (M-F)
**FSR (Financial Service Representative)
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Overdraft Protection

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Remote Banking

Online & Mobile Banking

Perform real-time transactions anytime and keep track of your finances for free!

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Make A Loan Payment

I hereby authorize Alcon Employees Federal Credit Union to initiate a charge entry on my debit card in the amount equal to the amount I enter into the online payment option not to exceed $2,000.00. I acknowledge I am responsible for inputting the correct payment amount and my Credit Union Member Account Number.

By submitting an online payment, I agree that there is a balance sufficient to pay all requested payments and agree that the Credit Union is not liable for any overdraft or insufficient fund situation caused by my failure to maintain funds sufficient to pay the payment amount I indicated.

I understand that the holder of my debit card may charge cash advance fees, and it is my responsibility to be aware of these.

I understand that an online payment will be processed and credited to my account within 1 to 2 business days.

I also understand a $6.95 convenience fee will be assessed to process this payment. Free payment options are available via online banking, by mail, or in person.

Automated Schedule Recurring Payments
When using this service, Automated Debit Card payments may be signed up for online payments. A convenience fee will not apply for scheduled recurring payments when using this service.

Automated ACH One Time or Recurring Payments
NO FEE for ACH payments when using this service.

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VISA® Debit Card

Automatic Card Access