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There are more reasons than ever to love being a member of Alcon EFCU!

Your credit union membership is about the trust and care of community, built around where you live, work and play. That’s why  membership saves you money through exclusive member-only offers through our trusted partners. Through Love My Credit Union Rewards, credit union members have saved over $2 billion with offers like:

»   $100 cash reward with each new line you activate with Sprint. Plus, existing customers earn $100 Annual Loyalty Cash Rewards, and 25% off select accessories in Sprint stores.

»   Credit union membership also saves you up to $15 on TurboTax federal products.

»   Protecting your car and home shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.  members can save big with an exclusive discount from the TruStage Home & Auto Insurance Program.

»   Onboarding new partners in 2019.

Learn all about how your  membership gets you all these exclusive savings, and more at or Check them out and start enjoying credit union member benefits you never knew you had.

Pay smart on any trip with a travel card!

Planning a getaway this summer? Pay the smart way with a travel card from Alcon EFCU!

Travel cards are secure1 at home and abroad.

  • Use at ATMs2 and merchants worldwide
  • Your card, and the money on it, are replaceable if lost or stolen3
  • Know your balance with text alerts4 and online access
  • Reload easy with direct deposit, your financial institution or MoneyGram®4
  • Withdraw fee-free5 at MoneyPass® ATMs2 nationwide

Ask about adding a Travel Card today!

1FDIC Insured
2For each out-of-network ATM withdrawal, MetaBank® charges a $1.99 fee. Plus, the ATM owner may charge a fee.
3Card Replacement Fee $9.95. See Cardholder Agreement for details.
4Third-party fees may apply. Other fees may apply, see terms and conditions for details
5While this feature is available for free, certain other transaction fees and costs, terms, and conditions are associated with the use of this Card
Prepaid cards are issued by MetaBank®, Member FDIC.
AB18_0016 0418

Go green for Alcon EFCU!

Go GREEN for eStatements! Don’t wait for your account statements in the mail any longer. With eStatements, you can access them online shortly after the end of each month. Plus, you can print or download to your PC to archive.

Sign up today!

Let us know before you go!

Why you should give your credit union a heads up on your travel plans.

Traveling this summer? Whether you are planning to travel outside of the country or outside of your normal business area, let us know before you go!

It is important to notify your credit union of your travel plans at least one week prior to your departure to ensure you have access to your money and are able to use your credit cards and debit cards without interruption while you are away.

This is an extra security measure as all accounts are monitored for suspicious or unusual card activity. Without prior notification of your travels, transactions for large amounts, out of the country, or high frequency, may result in your card being blocked for security reasons.

The easiest way to notify us of your travels is by calling 817-551-8495.

Safe travels!

Why your next car should be from your credit union!

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you might think the easiest way to get your dream car financed is to obtain dealer financing at the time you buy the car. However, you may want to consider financing with the credit union to take advantage of the many benefits and low rates we can offer! Read on…

We won’t let a low credit score stop you in your tracks!

Whether you’re shopping at a dealership, buying from a private party, or looking to refinance your vehicle at a better interest rate, we can connect you with an affordable auto loan! We’ve got options to fit your needs, whether you’ve got perfect credit or a low credit score.
Apply today!

Take your adventures up a notch!

Refinance your motorcycle, watercraft or RV loan* from Alcon EFCU and we’ll cut your rate up to 2% APR**

  • No payments for 60 days***
  • Financing up to 100% of NADA value
  • No setup fees or pre-payment penalties

Take your adventures up a notch with great savings from Alcon EFCU.  Apply today!

*Subject to credit approval. All credit union loan programs, rates and terms subject to change at any time without notice. Some restrictions may apply. **Annual Percentage Rate. Loan rates will not be reduced to less than 5.25% APR. Members must provide documentation acceptable to credit union of their existing rate and term with another lender to qualify for the 2% rate discount. $5,000 minimum loan amount required to maximum loan to value financed within the Alcon EFCU policy and guidance. Any other loan discounts will not apply. This offer does not apply to existing Alcon EFCU motorcycle, watercraft or RV loans. ***No payments for 60 days, interest will accrue on the loan beginning the date of disbursement.

2019 Alcon EFCU Annual Meeting – Chairperson’s Address

Miss the Annual Meeting in the spring? Catch up on the credit union by reading the following Chairperson’s address to learn about our recent successes and plans for the future!

Address from the Chairperson:
Welcome to the 47th annual meeting of Alcon Employees Federal Credit Union. Based on the success of the meeting last year, we’ve followed the same format for the meeting this year, and it’s wonderful to see so many people in attendance. I can see you care not only about your financial future, but the future of your credit union as well. I applaud you.

I’m delighted to speak to you today and humbled by the trust you’ve placed in me and my fellow board members whose leadership, dedication, and passion for credit unions are integral to our success.

The Alcon Employees Federal Credit Union, like all credit unions, is a financial cooperative, or “union,” owned by its members – you. As Alcon prepares to legally separate from Novartis, it is important to remember, that the CU is not owned by Alcon, or any Novartis entity or affiliate. We are fortunate to have Alcon serving as the corporate sponsor of the Credit Union, as Alcon has provided office space, IT support and other forms of assistance since the Credit Union was founded in 1972. That said, the Credit Union staff is employed directly by the Credit Union and has no connection to Alcon. This also means that your membership in the Credit Union can continue regardless of your employment status with Alcon or Novartis. As we like to say, “Once a member, always a member”.

As a credit union member, you can take comfort in knowing that, unlike for-profit financial institutions such as banks, your board of directors serves on a volunteer basis and doesn’t profit from that service. Though the credit union needs to make a profit to keep the doors open, we don’t work for shareholders demanding to collect high profits. Our sole interests are in your interests. We are the stakeholders in this credit union, and we all share in its future. Whenever we can, we will distribute profits back to you.

Your board of directors also has a responsibility to ensure that we have a capable, competent, qualified, and trustworthy management team, and I can say unequivocally that we do.

As you will hear in the Annual Report from the Treasurer and Supervisory Committee Chair, Alcon EFCU performed well in fiscal year 2017-2018. Due to our solid performance – and because of our members – we were able to pay a special bonus dividend at the end of last year. Starting in January 2019 we also increased our savings rates to put more money in our members’ pockets.

I’m proud to say that your credit union is not just one financial institution, but one of thousands in a credit union movement that spans the globe. Each credit union serves as a supporting pillar in this movement, and that means that the success of one credit union is a success for the entire movement.

As a financial cooperative, we understand that we can most effectively serve you and strengthen that movement by engaging in the vast network of organizations and service groups available. For instance, our participation in our local chapter of credit unions allows us to benefit from the training, tools, and resources available through our trade association, the Cornerstone Credit Union League, whose sole purpose is to support our endeavors and, by extension, you.

In addition to establishing policies and ensuring that the credit union adheres to pertinent laws, regulations, and sound business practices, we are also charged with making sure new products and services are developed as needed. With the continued success of Alcon EFCU, we can offer beneficial savings and wealth-building tools and other financial products and services that enhance your life, improve our delivery channels, and expand our community outreach.

Our highest and best purpose in serving you includes some of the following objectives:

  • As our CEO referenced in her remarks, we want to target particular segments of our community where we can make the greatest impact. Helping with financial literacy and the account management for our members who are most vulnerable, such as pre-high school children, young adults, retirees, and our elderly is one way we can do that.
  • We want to be a knowledge hub that places the credit union at the center of our members’ financial lives, allowing them to trade peer advice and insights about budgeting, buying, retiring, and saving.
  • We want to offer more and better resources that ensure our members are using the safest, most secure, and most convenient technology available.
  • We want to grow our community impact through basic interest payouts, financial capability programs, payment deferral during community emergencies, and working with members that face challenges in whatever life phase they might be in; and
  • We want to help you finance life activities, such as education, small businesses, and transportation in a responsible way.

Please know that we listen to you, and we want to hear how we can best meet your needs. Based on your feedback we implemented several new services last year:

  • New, redesigned website with improved functionality
  • New and redesigned Online banking portal
  • eStatements
  • Bill Pay
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Deposit

Please continue to let us know how the CU can best serve your financial needs.

In 2019, one new focus area for us is to establish financial relationships with next generation CU members in the form of senior high school / young adult children of current members.

By offering and encouraging responsible use of credit and ATM cards early on, we provide a solid path toward financial health both now and well into the future.

Along these lines, we are pleased to award two $500 educational scholarships, which will be announced shortly.

In closing, I’d like to express my unwavering confidence in the leadership of Kiki Shollar, the wisdom and guidance of our esteemed board of directors, the commitment of our dedicated staff, and the support and loyalty of our members.

We are extremely optimistic about the future because Alcon EFCU is well positioned to face any challenge and seize any opportunity that presents itself in 2019.

By the way, did you know you can now like us on Facebook and Instagram?

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. I wish you and your families the very best in 2019.

Are you a recent graduate headed off to college in the fall?

Consider these 10 smart money management tips to stay on track (and out of debt)!

  1. Make a budget and track all money coming in and going out, accounting for items such as books, supplies, food, personal care items, gas, laundry expenses and more. There are many online budgeting tools and money management apps to help.
  2. Track all expenses by saving your receipts, entering into a worksheet and then reviewing monthly. You’ll be surprised at how the little things add up and you’ll identify areas where you can save.
  3. Borrow only what you need. Don’t incur more student debt than you need. Take out loans to cover true school expenses (tuition, books, etc.) not lifestyle expenses.
  4. Be smart with your debit card making sure you always know your checking account balance before you make a purchase so you don’t overdraw your account and incur unnecessary fees.
  5. Use credit cards wisely by limiting the number of credit card accounts you open and always paying your balance in full each month. If you don’t, you’ll incur interest on the remaining balance which continues to grow monthly, whether you make a purchase the next month or not.
  6. Build good credit by paying your monthly bills in a timely manner. This might include cell phone bills, car insurance, credit card payments, utility bills and rent.
  7. Protect yourself from identity theft by guarding your personal information – Watch your bank statements closely to ensure all transactions are accurate. Keep all of your personal information private (be careful of what you share on social media), shred paperwork that includes personal details and never share your passwords or PINs with anyone.
  8. Save where you can, especially for emergencies. Pay yourself first by opening a savings account and automatically transferring any amount you can into savings. Also try to build up an emergency fund to help with those unexpected expenses that could arise such as car repairs, school expenses or even medical fees.
  9. Always ask for a student discount. Many restaurants, entertainment venues and services near a college campus will offer a student discount. Every little bit helps.
  10. Know what insurance you need. Make sure you’re covered with health, auto, renters or other insurance so you’re protected if something goes wrong.

Don’t exit college with a mound of unnecessary, high interest debt. Follow these tips to minimize that debt and set yourself up with a solid financial foundation.

Membership in Alcon EFCU is kind of a big deal!

By joining our credit union, members can save an average of $127 per individual or $267 per household each year. That’s what the Credit Union National Association estimates the annual savings of a Texas credit union member to be, acquired through lower rates on loans, better dividends on savings and fewer service fees! So what are you waiting for? Spread the good news to your family members and let them in on the big deal.

Membership in Alcon EFCU is open to employees of Alcon Holdings Corp. and Novartis and their immediate family members. Join today!

Alcon EFCU Volunteers at Ronald McDonald House

Staff members from Alcon EFCU volunteered their time at the Ronald McDonald House on April 11, 2019 by serving up hot meals to residents.

Ronald McDonald House helps millions of families with sick children find comfort and support when they need it most.

5 Times It’s more dangerous to pay with a debit vs. credit card

The risk of fraud is just too high – Making purchases on your debit card might seem like the responsible thing to do. After all, credit cards make it easier to spend more money than you actually have and pay interest on the balance. From a security standpoint, however, it’s better to pay with a credit card than a debit card, especially in certain high-risk situations. Read on…